Warning 1 error updating jscript intellisense

Posted by / 03-Nov-2017 12:25

Type Script was announced and folks are saying "Type Script is clearly Microsoft's answer to Google's Dart" or "So Type Script is Microsoft's answer to Coffee Script." I was chatting with Jez Humble today about the intense interest and some little gnashing of teeth around Type Script and he offered this little gem of a quote: Type Script has been out a day. Type Script builds on Java Script so there's no JS interop issues.

It's way early to see if it has legs, but it seems initially promising. Dart is a native virtual machine written from scratch. It doesn't even use the Java Script number type for example.

From what I can see after using Type Script for a few days is this.Hi, This is a known bug that we have fixed, however you could have been affected if you installed the "tools for universal apps development" during a specific period of time. There is a post on our MSDN forums with some steps, and we will soon be publishing a KB with the following workaround: If the “Tools for Universal Windows Apps Development” are still installed: 707 Begin package load [Microsoft. Command Filter..ctor(IText View text View) at Microsoft. Hookup Command Filter(IWpf Text View text View, IVs Text View text View Adapter) at Microsoft.

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I'm a huge Coffee Script fan although it is a different language with a syntax of its own to learn.