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Shy mens dating behavior

The author provides a series of assignments, basically ordered by level of difficulty, so you can start wherever it begins to get challenging for you, or deals with what you most need to work on.In my case I expect this to be a project of one to three years.Each step the reader takes builds on the last until finally, he is no longer the same shy person he was when he first picked up the book.The author says the book is semi-autobiographical, with advice borne out of real life experience, which adds credibility.There are many younger guys and older adult men who are so shy they find asking a woman out on a date isn't just difficult, it's so uncomfortable it can cause anxiety, not only ruining their chances to date the woman they are asking out, but also making them feel worse about themselves than they did before.The more bad experiences shy men have when trying to ask women out, the more discouraged they get, and this often makes them even more shy.negative thoughts, working on your voice/body language, improving you look, improving your daily interactions, how to have a conversation in general, how to engage women, etc.

As a former shy person I can definitely say that the author understands what shy men go through and has some solid strategies to help them in the dating world. But it clearly is a compilation of watered down pick up artists material and self help material.This book targets shyness as one of the biggest obstacles preventing men from meeting and dating women.Rather than just telling the reader how they should act and dress and suggesting they go right out and try to ask women out, Chris starts first by attacking the problem of shyness directly with a well thought out step by step plan.The shy man lacks this confidence and it typically ruins his chances of ever forming romantic relationships.The book is part analysis of shyness, part pep talk, and part instruction manual for overcoming shyness.

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The author clearly understands the challenges which shy (heterosexual) men face.