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With every shipment of many unknown-age samples we must add samples coming from oxalic acid transformation (which is the international standard reference material for all radiocarbon laboratories), inert samples to determine the background value (blanks) as well as known-age samples (secondary standards), coming from multi-laboratory calibration.This procedure assures a never-ending following of the quality, accuracy and precision of the results given to customers.CEN acquired a LECO CHN628 elemental analyzer, to determine percentages of carbon (C), hydrogen (H) and nitrogen (N) in soil samples. Samples must be dried, clearly identified and packed in plastic (or glass vials), or enveloped in aluminium foil or plastic bags (Ziploc type).Avoid packaging the samples in paper or other organic material.The surface composition of a sample or an object can be determined non-invasively.This analysis technique is non-destructive and requires no chemical digestion.We provide radiocarbon dating services on small sample sizes, using a MICADAS-type compact AMS spectrometer. The datable age span covers historic times back to 50.000 years.Luminescence dating can be applied to fired or burnt objects.

Your department administration will then send the PO number to us at the laboratory before we can proceed with the analyses.

Scanning Electron Microscope with variable pressure mode (VP).

SEM is equipped with Bruker XFlash® silicon drift detector (SDD) for energy dispersive X-ray microanalyses (EDX).

Sample preparation takes place in a clean room laboratory to protect the respective sample from contamination.

This is especially important for both isotope as well as trace element analysis.

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Please fill the (PDF) (Word) for each core (not for each sample) submitted for analysis. Please fill the (PDF) (Word) for each batch of samples you're submitting. The samples must be mailed out to this address: RADIOCHRONOLOGY LABORATORY c/o Guillaume Labrecque Laval University Abitibi-Price Building, Room 0248 2405, Rue de la Terrasse Quebec, QC CANADA G1V 0A6 For the custom declaration, you can write "Samples for scientific analysis, with no commercial value".

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