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Katherine heigl jason behr dating

Max ends up in hospital after a car accident, and as part of his treatment, the staff perform a routine blood test.With the FBI agents sniffing around, it's vital that the somebody pulls a switch, such that the blood they get is human.As a child, she had been featured in Cheerios cereal commercial.Also, at a younger age, she posed for “Sears” and “Lord & Taylor” for their catalogs.When Michael gets sick, Max and Liz return to see River Dog and ask him for help.Max saves his mother DIANE EVANS from a grease fire in their kitchen, prompting her suspicions – and house calls from a determined Valenti.Meanwhile, Liz suspects the new guidance counselor Ms.

Acting impulsively, Michael heads south in search of the geodesic dome (building) he saw in a vision.A heat wave is scorching Roswell in December and the heat throws people together.Isabel decides to take it upon herself to check if Alex is a risk, Kyle seems to be moving on, while Maria and Michael seem to be heating up and Liz feels it's time to move forward.Just ask Katherine Heigl, who dated her "Roswell" on-screen sibling Jason Behr in 2000.Meanwhile, Lauren Graham and her current boyfriend Peter Krause, who plays her TV brother Adam Braverman on "Parenthood," have been spotted vacationing in Venice together.

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Maria is an initially unwilling travelling companion, although they earn some grudging, mutual respect during the trip.