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“My responsibility is to demonstrate with ferocious passion the beauty of the religious vision I hold.” “Conservative Judaism demands the courage to be bound by a system you help influence,” Creditor added.

But for USY president Pluemer, that is exactly what he and the youth movement’s leadership are doing in passing the new amendments.

“They put the most critical issues of Judaism on the table and dealt with them and affirmed higher expectations than what was originally proposed, with dignity and poise,” Wernick said.

Outgoing USY president Pluemer told The Times of Israel that through the entire process of drawing up the amendments, there was a very healthy discussion among the leaders, which culminated in Monday’s vote.

By the 1980s, however, Jewish institutions had woken up again to the importance of in-marriage.

“The proactive sets souls on fire such that the statement would be self-evident and doesn’t need to be articulated,” he said.Get The Times of Israel's Daily Edition by email and never miss our top stories Free Sign Up But the subject that has the Jewish world abuzz is the amended language for the clause dealing with interdating.After Jewish media began publishing conference coverage with variations of the inflammatory JTA headline, “USY drops ban on interdating,” Facebook discussions lamented, “Another nail in the coffin of Conservative Judaism,” and “This year it’s a language shift, next year (or 5 years from now) that language disappears completely.” Others decried Conservative Judaism, with one saying, “United Synagogue has always moved policy and theology closer to its participants’ choices, rather than move participants closer to its policies and theology,” and another noting, “The movement is in the midst of a major identity crisis.” When a change of wording to a set of standards that affects a mere 100 teens is cause for a social media storm, all signs point to sensitive territory.USY is encountering children of mixed marriages, both those who include spouses who converted to Judaism, and, increasingly, those who don’t.According to the 2013 Pew survey, A Portrait of Jewish Americans, 27% of all Conservative marriages are with non-Jews.

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A doctor in Jewish education, Schatz’s dissertation, “The Impact of Teen Leadership in the Jewish Religious Youth Organization on Adult Jewish Observance and Identity,” tracked former members of the youth movement from 1960-2005.