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Gag gifts dating teenage girls

This set comes with six pins and one ball, and can be played either in the classic rolling style or as kick ball. A very versatile and ultimately useable gift for anyone. Price: .99 Another retro gift option is this high-quality, vintage-style jacks game.

If you have the money and want to go all out on the gag, you could always get a full-size claw machine, too. You get ten metal jacks in silver and gold and two red bouncy balls.

You get six bacon candy canes, six pickle candy canes, six gravy candy canes, and six wasabi candy canes. Price: .95 Hanging a map of the world on your wall is a classic touch for any room. Price: .95 Perhaps better than even a Snuggie, this is a wearable mermaid tail blanket.

Inevitably, someone will admit to loving each of these and they’ll get eaten quickly. Especially the antique-looking, sepia-toned maps, which lend an air of sophistication. Even if you didn’t, someone in your life must have. It’s exactly the kind of thing you’d get for someone as a joke only to have them love it above all other blankets, and possibly even pants. Price: .39 Know someone who puts in 110% everyday — or at least talks like they do?

It’s compatible with every operating system ever created and any that ever will be created, but if you give it to someone who bought a new Mac Book Pro this year, you’ll have to give them a USB-C adapter, too. By downloading apps to your smartphone and placing the phone into the headset, you can enter an immersive, 360-degree world. Price: .99 (18 percent off MSRP) Another game as good for the office as it is for the kids’ room, this giant bowling set offers cartoonish proportions for silly fun.

It’s the same general premise of whisking you off to exotic locations or displaying rarely-seen imagery adapted for our experience-rich entertainment demands of today. The ball measures 25 inches in diameter, while the pins stand 28 inches tall. Price: .99 The beauty of this gift is that not only is the crane game fun as it is, but you could stock with something the day of Christmas to make it even more interesting. I owned one of these for a few years and would fill it with themed items at other holidays for parties, especially Halloween.

This kit includes three Motocards, each producing a different sound.

Everything is fair game, too, so you don’t have to worry too much about getting the perfect gift.

Remember, if it’s a white elephant you’re buying for, the gift should be unwieldy or require some absurd upkeep cost.

If you decide to give them something really ridiculous or useless, you could always tack an Amazon gift card to the gift, too, so at least they’ll still get something they like out of it.

Could be handy if you decide to go the political route this year, since this one was a doozy.

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It also features a party mode, which causes the light to react to the music in a room. Price: $30 (6 percent off MSRP) Candy canes are an essential part of Christmas.

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