Error updating locale 7970 dating caribbean and black beauties

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Error updating locale 7970

If you want samples just reply and I'll can post them separately.

As for the actual firmware, you will need to download from Cisco... 1.) Copy unzipped firmware files into tftp dir using Cisco firmware for 7960 series OS79XX.

By default, the network parameters are locked to ensure that end users cannot modify settings.

I've turned off natting and I'll test it again when I get back to the office, but I don't have high hopes.

POS3-07-5-00.sb2 ; Application firmware image, where a represents the application firmware image: 0 for SCCP, and S for SIP.

P003-07-5-00; Nonsecure universal application loader for upgrades from images earlier than 5.x.

Below are my notes in the hope that it might help some other users with initial setup and phone programming. *** For Switchvox the extension configuration must have 'Phone NAT Traversal' set to 'Never' in order for the phone to register.

1.) Unplug the power cable from the phone, and then plug in the cable again.

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TXT ; This file always contains the universal application loader image.

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