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We won’t be doomed in love because of one, two or even three failed relationships; but you will be if you don’t believe that you deserve better.

Whether you have been dating for a few months or you are six months post-partum sex matters, and not just because of climax but because of the importance of grounding the relationship in physical intimacy.

In healthy productive relationships, we’ll never have to change who we are to gain the love of someone else.

While we all have different levels and preferences of sexuality, if sex with your partner has become as dutiful and routine as emptying the dishwasher and just as quick then it’s time to start looking at why.

If you find yourself playing on your phone, creating Pinterest boards rather than cuddling watching a movie or jumping in the shower to surprise your lover it might be time to stop and start considering why.

Not every relationship has to last, and in reality, the majority of our relationships don’t, but they can teach us something, not about love but ourselves as well.

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You have the belief that no one stays in crazy passionate love forever, yet this is only a lie told by those to make themselves feel more comfortable about their own choices.

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