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I could not believe the horror stories from these people that I was calling concerning the way that they were treated!

One man was even physically and verbally assulted (pushed up against the wall & called every name in the book & then physically pushed out the door)!

I called the company, Together, and was set up for an interview the following day.

The first step of my interview was to fill out an application & take a personality test, which happened to be the same test they use on their clients.

After many attempts of asking for a schedule, I finally received one.

Consumers love to do business with someone that can admit mistakes and state how they made improvements."Cryers are buyers" was a common slogan around the office.As a 'counselor' I was to get to know each prospective client & ask them personal questions about their past relationships & what happened - trying to get them to cry about it or at least get some sort of emotion out of them. "So, your friends set you up once & that person didn't turn out to be your type, so obviously your friends don't know what type you are looking for, so they are never going to find you the right one." "So, you've been to the bars & met a lot of people, but they never turn out to be the one, so that obviously isn't going to work for you either!I had sold a couple new members but only received 1% comission on them because they took the payment plan versus paying in full. I had no idea what hours to work or even what days I had off, but assumed it was always 1 - 8.Then they call me one morning to say that I was supposed to be there at am even though I was never told this nor had a schedule been written up that I could look at to know this.

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