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Dating rockford ill

A recent addition to the Cable line is the Midget Upright which presents some remarkable features. But it is not a makeshift not a toy, not a compromise. Combined with it is a reproducing action exclusively Cable which has been developed to the highest stage of perfection through a long series of experiments carried on in the great Cable factories.While the merits of musical instruments manufactured nearly a century ago are now not necessarily affected by the commercial standing or historical record of their makers. To him must be ascribed the invention of the full iron plate for grand pianos recorded in 1837.Consequently, prospective piano buyers usually desire to know something concerning these points. This invention was accepted by the scientific world as one of far reaching importance; indeed, it proved to be the foundation of all modern piano construction, for without it the sonorous grands of today would not have been impossible.

It is a piano high up between the recognized leaders and one whose brilliant career has already been fixed and whose future is secure. Its reputation, now impregnably secure, has extended from ocean to ocean and even beyond the nation's boundaries. It is the inner secret of the great growth of the Hobart M. , Purity and sweetness of tone, evenness of scale, great durability, superb case designs in the richest of woods, and high commercial value. CABLE & SONS These instruments are made of good material and possess elements of great popularity. and has been active in New York City for a great many years and was incorporated in 1923. CABLE Instruments bearing this name are manufactured by The Hobart M. The construction of the piano is notable for its solidity and compactness and fora number of superior features, which contribute to the general excellence. When not in use the pedals fold completely out of sight, giving it the appearance of a regular upright piano when played by hand. Cable piano are remarkably sweet and pure tone qualities combined with unusual power.

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Its instruments were distinguished by their fine tone quality, excellent work of case design and finish.

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