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Dating antique coverlets

Museums that exist only in cyberspace (i.e., virtual museums) are not included.

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This living history museum is focused on the era of the Civil War Visitors will find themselves in Wheatfield Village, a small Ohio town caught in the middle of the War Between the States and experience the impact this major war in our nation's history had on the people who were left at home. spinning, weaving, glassblowing, candlemaking, basketmaking and these crafts are for sale. Built in 1911, the Hay-Mc Kinney Italian Renaissance-style mansion features 30,000 items on exhibit.

Today, the location is a small park and a monument of faced granite field boulders stands watch as a reminder of days past. Housed in the historical 1852 Garst House (once an inn serving travelers on the Dayton and Union Railroad,) the museum has occupied the building since 1946.

Focused on the history of Darke County, OH, the museum features major exhibits such as Annie Oakley, Lowell Thomas, the Treaty of Greene Ville (Greenville), a military room, and a prehistoric exhibit along with many other artifacts and historical items related to the early history of Greenville and the surrounding area. The site features an 1930s-1940s farmhouse with a barn and farmhouse museum.

Also located on the grounds and nearby are the 1880 birthplace of Lowell Thomas and the reconstructed Anthony Wayne Peace Council House. The working farm provides historical demonstrations of activities on a depression-era farm including an orchard and crop fields.

Located at 2150 Buttermilk Hill Road in Delaware, OH.

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This list of museums in Pennsylvania encompasses museums defined for this context as institutions (including nonprofit organizations, government entities, and private businesses) that collect and care for objects of cultural, artistic, scientific, or historical interest and make their collections or related exhibits available for public viewing.

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