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Chat buddy chat room

They work with text, ephemeral sculpture, and photography.

Skawennati is a Mohawk artist, writer, and independent curator whose projects have included Cyber Pow Wow, a virtual gallery and chat space, and Imagining Indians in the 25th Century, a web-based paper doll/time-travel journal.

Live and recorded guests include members of Electronic Disturbance Theatre, Digital Activism Research Project, and Portland Immersive Media Group.

Watch a recording of this segment here (courtesy of Seattle Channel.) October 29th, 2016 - Ownership and Property (Facebook) What is the relationship between the access to and control of material and immaterial resources?

In 1994, Skawennati co-founded Nation to Nation, a First Nations artist collective whose goals were to create an outlet to show members’ work, and to foster a safe meeting space for Natives and non-Natives.

Presenters: Professor Matthew Sparke, scholar in digital geography, in conversation with Tabita Rezaire's film Afro Cyber Resistance about global internet access’s effect on cultural production; Professor Caroline Simpson, scholar in politics of visual culture, with a focus on race and gender.

Presenters: Emily Pothast is a multimedia artist, musician, writer and curator based in Seattle.

As an IM client, Google Talk is as simple as they come.

The end result is an easy-to-use chat experience on Google Talk! The first step in forming your own chat room is to add Party Chat to your contacts list.

Click the “ Add” button on the bottom, left-hand corner of the Google Talk window to begin.

To launch a chat room, enter the following command into the IM text field as you would when sending any regular IM: /make Chat Title Optional Password In your chat room title and password, please remember not to use spaces. Passwords are case-sensitive, so enter the optional password exactly as you would like it to by typed for entry into the chat room.

Next, type the following command to learn more about user controls for your chat room: /commands This will launch a list of options inside the chat room, which will appear only to the user who entered this command.

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His work has been exhibited worldwide, including venues such as Camden Arts Centre, ZKM and the Henry Art Gallery.

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