Bosnian sausae cam4

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Bosnian sausae cam4

Conceptual thoughts developed from Literature The present-day consumer is a voracious observer, thinker and an analyst, who engage in constant contact with information of various statures that have the potential ability to significantly influence their decisions.

Environmental dynamism refers to the degree of instability or turbulence of such key operating concerns as market and industry conditions as well as more general technological, economic, social, and political forces (Dess and Beard, 1984) To create products and services that match customer expectations and to sustain in the market compels the firms to even redefine paradigm concepts. Introduction Literature on marketing always demonstrated an indefinable link towards the consumer behavior. The consumer behavior, being a complex phenomenon, had ever been a spark that ignites the thoughts of every researcher to think differently about bringing innovative ways to satisfy the customer. An enquiry to uncover the perennial forces that alter the consumer behavior emerges as an essential task in the endeavor to develop innovative strategies for competitive advantage for every firm. This paper begins with a conceptual journey by the author through prevailing marketing paradigms to empirically test the acceptance of a new marketing mix in bringing customer satisfaction.

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According to Austria Nobel Laureate, Joseph Schumpeter, innovation brings change and something, new emerges.

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