Blind dating star cast

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Blind dating star cast

Walter ends up being driven insane by Nadia's mishaps and David's pursuit; she gets him fired at the dinner; his car is destroyed; after wreaking havoc at a party, Walter gets arrested for menacing David with a mugger's revolver.

He even forces David to do a moonwalk before firing at the frightened man's feet.

, premiering on Wednesday, February 25 at /c, will match five singles with a partner to race around the world with.

These five blind dating pairs will compete against six actual dating couples.

Seeing a bunch of celebrities trying to flirt with a stranger they either can't see or speak to is one of my highlights of this series!

"That sounds like it's going to be highly entertaining viewing."We've done more vetting, in terms of more checks on social media, and more checks on who, what, where, when – and at the end of the day, if someone wants to come in and say they're single when they're not, that's on them," Nadia explained.

Walter Davis (Willis) allows his brother, Ted (Phil Hartman), to set him up on a blind date with his wife's cousin, Nadia (Basinger).

Basinger, so ravishing in most of her movies, looks dowdy this time.The film was originally intended for the recently married Madonna and Sean Penn, but both backed out after the project failed to attract a director.The screenplay was re-written and this draft was given to Edwards.Despite the cast's best efforts this is not as charming as it sets out to be.Single Princesses is a hit 2010 drama about the friendship of a group of modern day women in China.

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The racers will hit five continents and eight countries during this season of the Race, including stops on Bangkok, Namibia, Monaco, and more. On each leg, one lucky team will pull a clue that includes a “Date Night” ticket.