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It's interesting that the US Army's Golden Knights have operated the F-27 type for a couple of decades now as the C-31A. I believe this is msn 10514, ex PH-EXF, ex OB-R-1082. This one was on the hard drive, I'll need to get the when and where of it at a later date, though it's probably 1978 at Burlington, VT. That Air New England Friendship is a nice landing shot Tom, another one from this side of the pond, Schiphol, ± : Fokker F-27-200 Friendship Air Anglia, # G-BCDODouglas DC-3 Air Anglia, # G-AOBNConvair 440-62 Metropolitan Delta Air Transport – DAT, # OO-VGPSud SE-210 Caravelle VI-R Transavia Holland, # PH-TRSGreat contributions, guys.

Palm Beach, FL in the 1980s, though I'm not sure it ever had an official USN designation, it was overall naval gray c/s and markings. This shot shows N60AN prior to the Brockway colors. Nicely illuminated with even light, all around the ramp.

My second choice navigator also dropped out due to work commitments. Have had her since 1996 and have more than 1000hrs on her. Thank you to those who have entered already, to those that are still wanting a race number, I suggest you go to Navigators don't need a licence - just the ability to navigate.

Unfortunately I cannot trace the exact date anymore. Great pics, lots of memories as I worked at the ramp of Zestienhoven for many years. I specially registered to this board to help you out concerning your questions about L-188 TF-ISC and TF-VLN: both regs are the same Electra. One day, in 1982 or 1983, upon arrival at RTM it was to be met by Customs and representatives of a bailiff's office to impound the aircraft, I didn't know the exact reasons then.By the time I photographed N8957E msn 47215 at Miami on 3 Aug 85, it was a true veteran of the airline's route system.Good evening, Tom, I like those shots from your side of the pond, keep them coming. Aeroflot Yak-40 CCCP-87732 at Schiphol on May 26th, 1969 while on its way to the Paris airshow (hence the show number)2.Another (ex-) Iscargo Electra was TF-VLN , which visited Rotterdam some time around 1983. Somewhere there should be a database of movements at Rotterdam during that period which I could consult , I suppose...? Regards, Hans If i remember correctly the IB 747 was delayed for hours due to a bomb hoax at Barcelona airport?Unfortunately I cannot trace the exact date anymore. It was the first non-KLM 747 I've ever seen on EHRD, and is still mark it as the start of my "spotters-carreer".

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